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Grammarly Premium Free Trial: Is it Worth It? 2023

Grammarly Premium is a word checking program that enables you to find spelling and grammar mistakes in your writing and proofread it. While some people begin by using the Grammarly tool for free (which only checks for basic mistakes), many are unsure of whether they should fully commit to the Premium version.

The promise of Grammarly Premium is to provide more for users. Writers would, after all, go to any lengths to reduce stress and improve their writing abilities. The premium feature thoroughly checks your content for typos and intricate errors. It also indicates whether you should change the sentence entirely to make it more readable. Not to mention that writers can use it to draft books or even complete them.We conducted extensive research to determine whether you should fully upgrade to Grammarly Premium or continue using the free version. Let’s first examine its functioning, though.

Using Grammarly Premium
It only takes a few minutes to install and Grammarly Premium is very simple to use. Its web extension works with the web browsers Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. On your smartphone, you can also download the Grammarly Premium app (both iOS and Android).

When using the web extension, simply paste your rough draft into Grammarly Premium and begin editing as soon as you receive feedback.

It will be in the top right corner of your Word document if it is integrated with Microsoft Office (such as your Microsoft Word). To edit it, click on it and log in using your username and password.

Let’s move on to Grammarly’s pricing structures since they want to offer a service for every writer.

Options for Grammarly Premium Pricing
A monthly Grammarly Premium subscription costs $29.95.
A $59.95 quarterly subscription to Grammarly Premium is required.
A yearly subscription to Grammarly Premium costs $139.95.
Features of Grammarly Premium
Grammarly Premium has a number of features to help you quickly complete the editing process and elevate your writing, despite having a layout that is similar to the free version. These are just a few examples of the advanced grammar and spelling checks, as well as the genre-specific writing style checks.

Let’s examine the most crucial Premium features in more detail.

Premium Microsoft Add-in for Grammarly
Grammarly claims to catch over ten times as many serious grammar and spelling mistakes as Microsoft Word. It can be utilized when writing emails in Outlook or Word. Additionally, you can select which of Grammarly’s seven categories of checks you want it to perform on your document:

Contextual spelling comes in first, followed by grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, style, vocabulary expansion, and plagiarism.
Simply click on the suggestion to apply the change to the text and make any necessary corrections.

I’m done now. On to the following feature.

Set Your Article’s Domain
Grammarly’s goal is to make editing simpler and your writing flourish. It needs to understand your goals and communication style for that. To get the most pertinent corrections for your document, choose a type. When the goals widget appears, the Premium tool will give you the option to select your article’s domain from the list of options below:

Creative \sCasual \sAcademic \sTechnical \sBusiness
The better Grammarly’s recommendations are, the more it understands the context of your writing. Make sure you are familiar with your audience before asking it to analyze your content.

Do a plagiarism check
The plagiarism detection tool in Grammarly Premium is yet another superb feature. To determine whether your writing corresponds to any existing content, it compares it to 16 billion web pages. It’s a great way for authors and bloggers to double-check their work and ensure that they haven’t overlooked the requirements to cite their sources and give due credit to other writers.

It is used by businesses or contractors to verify that the writers they hire submitted original content. It aids teachers in determining whether or not students are being fair with regard to their projects.

Grammarly occasionally adds popular words from websites to its list of content that has been plagiarized. There is no need to be concerned if we are not discussing a complete sentence.

Grammar and Spelling Checker, among Other Features
Whether they’re writing a novel, article, or email, writers who want to improve their writing will find Grammarly Premium to be the ideal solution. It includes sophisticated grammar, context, and sentence structure checks. For instance, Grammarly immediately suggests “wrong” as the appropriate word when you type “He said the wong name.”

The Premium feature also suggests ways to improve vocabulary by pointing out twisted words and suggesting alternatives that are more appropriate. Corrections come with thorough justifications, which aid writers in honing their writing abilities and preventing recurrence of errors.

Not only that. By expanding your dictionary with the Premium version, you can enhance your Grammarly experience. These words won’t be marked as misspelled any longer. The ability to view definitions and synonyms by simply double-clicking on words is another innovation.

Proofreader: human
Grammarly seems to have considered everything. You can send your work to a human proofreader if you are dissatisfied with the software and receive the best writing guidance.

They charge by the word, and the final cost increases with the length of time.

Policy for Genuine Returns
A clear return policy is available with Grammarly Premium. Let’s say you buy it but quickly realize it isn’t suitable for you. Simply get in touch with their customer service department, and they’ll refund your money within ten days.

Is it worth it, then?
The fact is that Grammarly is a fantastic analytical and proofreading tool that every writer should have on hand. For any blogger, copywriter, content marketer, author, or student looking to up their writing game, the Premium version offers outstanding features.

A comparison of the Free & Premium accounts can be found below:

Let’s face it: following all the grammar and spelling rules can occasionally be a pain in the behind. When writing original content, Grammarly Premium can assist writers in expanding their vocabulary and selecting better words.

But there’s a problem.

There are some drawbacks to the upgrade. Not all writing programs are completely compatible with Grammarly Premium. There might be some difficulty because Google Docs integration is still in the beta testing phase.

The subscriptions are a little expensive financially. If you’re a writer on a tight budget, it might not be the best choice, and you should look for one that is more reasonable. The good news is that for the majority of writers, the free version continues to work well.

Sometimes, Grammarly Premium misses mistakes or makes inappropriate suggestions for vocabulary improvement. For this reason, especially if you are writing a book, you shouldn’t rely solely on Grammarly to proofread your writing. Squibler is a fantastic tool that works well with Grammarly Premium. You can use it to write, organize, and publish your book while keeping corrections at the top of the page.

On the other hand, if you use Grammarly Premium frequently, you might find that you eventually no longer require it. That is typical because Grammarly improves writers, and when you are at your best, you will be sufficient.

Next to you
To meet their daily writing needs, writers can use Grammarly Premium. It can even become your best friend if you struggle with editing because you have a lot of content on your plate.

Now for the issue:

You probably do if you feel like Grammarly Premium is necessary.

Try it now right here.

Try out the monthly subscription at no cost, and then take the time to determine what works best for you. You can always cancel it, return to the fundamental plan, or search for a better choice.

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